Thanks for the well wishes… but keep your birth stories to yourselves for now!

I told my boss this morning that I was pregnant and expecting at the end of March. I was concerned that he might express concerns as we are planning 2013 company initiatives and setting goals, forecasting our numbers, etc etc, and here I am, obviously going to take some time off for maternity leave which would impact that forecast.

Turns out he was incredibly supportive and excited for me, with nothing but great things to say, full of questions and positive feedback. I was quite struck by this, not expecting such a warm and welcome response.  I expected a “Congratulations” and maybe some awkward or nervous talk about how this might impact our 2013 planning, but there was no such weirdness.

My boss is putting me in the driver’s seat, allowing me to define my maternity leave, the staff I’ll need to have in place to fill in the gaps, how it impacts revenue targets, etc. I assume his thinking is that the more I’m able to drive the whole process, (1) the more likely it is to succeed for both me and the company, and (2) the more accountability I’ll have and the less he’ll have if it doesn’t work out.

* * * * *

Interestingly, as I’ve told other people at work, the responses fall into two camps:

  1. People who have kids, male and female, are overwhelmingly supportive and excited for me and my husband. Frankly, they’re gushing.
  2. People who don’t have kids say, “Oh, that’s really cool, congrats,” and move on.

While the super supportive responses from others who are parents have given me warm fuzzies, what follows does not. Suddenly, all the people with kids are laying on me birth story after birth story, going down memory lane about all their experiences with each of their kids. It’s nice, but it’s overwhelming, and not really what I want to hear at these early stages. My husband and I are still getting used to the idea that I’ve made it to the second trimester, and we’re focusing on the next milestone, which for us is an amnio. We are not ready to hear about how this labor was induced because the baby was already a whopping 10 pounds, or how that labor resulted in a mad rush post delivery because the baby was born blue with the umbilical cord around its neck, or whatever else.

Ack!  People, I’m not ready to hear all this yet!  One day at a time!!