Contemplating a “babymoon” (groan)

I get annoyed by a lot of little things, though I try to take most of life in stride. For example:

All the longs lines and wait lists for the iPhone5 when people have perfectly functioning and super nice smartphones already. But what should I care? It’s not my money that’s being thrown down the drain.

Housewives or other reality TV that isn’t some sort of skills contest or evaluation. Sheesh! It’s drama for the sake of drama, and those shows make me cringe. But I guess since I don’t watch them, I shouldn’t worry about it, right?

Coining variations of an existing word for a new but related meaning. Like staycation. And babymoon. Fine, other people can use those terms, but I don’t have to!

… except my husband and I are thinking of taking a trip before the baby comes. And the word BABYMOON jumps right into my head even though I don’t want it there!


Ahhhhh! Stop it!

I hate that word! We’re going to take a little vacation before it gets too uncomfortable for me to travel, before the little one arrives. Not international, but somewhere that has nice weather in the winter. Florida might be nice.

But it’s NOT a babymoon. Don’t call it that!

But everyone’s calling it that. Ugh.