I’m now a Mommy VP!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey of infertility issues, through the very frightening and unsure birth of my daughter, and into her babyhood once we were able to bring her home from the ICU.

Since then:

  • Our daughter received a clean bill of health at her 2 year developmental review. The home visits concluded, and my daughter scored within normal range of physical ability, and a little ahead of the curve cognitively.
  • She’s now 3 years old. And typical. So I have to count my blessings that I get to experience the stress, exasperation, and frustration of an independent and active toddler.

A long while back, I read of a mom who stood at the school bus stop one morning, watching all the grade-schoolers interact. She marveled that you could not tell who was breastfed vs formula fed, who coslept vs slept in their own crib, who had disposable vs cloth diapers, who was potty trained with pull-ups vs bootcamp style. And you know what? They were all gloriously typical grade-school children, God bless’em. This helped me in my most dubious moments as a first time mom, and it has struck me as so very true as my daughter has gotten older.

I’ve shifted back to blogging regularly, but on an alternative site that marries the challenges of parenting and being a female executive. For those interested, you can follow me at my new site!