Redundancy in child care

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I’m the mom. The Mom. The MOM.

My husband said to me last night, “What happens if you get sick?” As in, “What happens to our daughter if you get sick?”

Our daughter is surrounded by love. My husband cares for her in the afternoons, we have a nanny in the mornings during the weekdays, and my mom occasionally cares for her. Our daughter is at ease with all of these people! The only issue is that I’m the only one who knows 100% of her care, including her food preparation, sign language, bathing, her bedtime routine, strategies for getting her to eat well, her daily schedule of events… and I work full time! It’s legacy from when she was a newborn and I cared for her exclusively for 3 months. I sleep trained her, nursed her, learned all her cues. When I went back to work, I didn’t stop doing all those things! Others learned what they needed to learn to get their part of the job done during the day, but no one cares for her in a 24 hour cycle like I still do on the weekends.

My husband’s response was that we should introduce another person to the mix, to build in redundancy in her care. My response was that I’m not opposed to it, but it occurred to me that if he learned sign language, or the nanny learned her bedtime routine, or my mom learned the food prep, we could have the redundancy we needed.

We’ll continue to noodle on it a bit, but at the end of the conversation, we both noted how we are AMAZED at any parents who are raising kids without an established support network as we have. How? HOW ON EARTH do they do it??



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