Eight months old!

Chloe is eight months old. EIGHT MONTHS. Holy moly, how did that happen?

She is showing some asymmetry between her left and right sides, which means she will need some therapy and ongoing alternative therapy work to help address it before it impacts her crawling or walking down the line. We don’t want out girl having muscle atrophy from favoring one side, or motor skill problems. So, we continue to work on it.

BUT!! Besides all that, she is a pure delight! She is a very social baby, loves meeting new people and is very generous with her smiles and babbles. My husband and I wonder what we could have done in our past lives that was so phenomenal to warrant having such an easy-going and pleasant and healthy baby girl.

I’m back at work – I pumped for MONTHS on the job. Juggling that and conference calls/meetings and protecting my supply was probably the toughest thing I’ve had to do consistently over a long period of time, in all my life! She is now well established on solids and starting to be waaaay more interested in the world than nursing. So, at least I have a freezer stash of breast milk to last us since it looks like our nursing relationship is coming to an end. I would be more torn up about it, except that I did a partial wean about 2 months ago when pumping at work got to be too hard. That was quite a transition; I think my hormones were going haywire. Now, the transition from partial to full wean is much more manageable.

My husband and I put an offer on the house we’re renting – the owner wanted us to move out so she could put it on the market and we said, “Uh… we’ll buy it from you!” So that offer is pending. While we would have preferred to wait another couple of years before buying a house, the reality is that we didn’t want to move right now – we love our neighbors and our neighborhood, it’s close to public transit, there is a really good elementary school nearby – so it seemed the right choice to go ahead and jumpstart our plans for purchasing a house.

The downside – and it is a significant one – is that with depleted savings, we will have to put off a second child for a year or two beyond what we were originally thinking. So instead of having kids 1-2 years apart, they are likely to be 2-3 years apart. What this does is rules out completely our consideration for getting pregnant again – I’ll be into my 40s, and it was tough enough trying to get pregnant from age 35 to 37, so I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be later – and it also puts our second child even farther out if we are on a waiting list for adoption for a long time.

We have accepted this. We are enjoying our little blessing in Chloe as much as possible and not worrying too much about a second child for now. We can only make as best decisions as we can with the situations and information we have before us. The house it is! For now anyway.