Eating well on the road while pregnant: massive fail

Baby is 32 weeks, apparently about the size of a squash. Except there are LOTS of squash varieties out there, so how big of a squash?

* * * * *

I didn’t have too much squash or other veggies on this last business trip I just returned from. It’s already hard to eat well while on the road, and when you’re pregnant and it’s more important to eat right, it can be phenomenally frustrating. Number one, what was fair game on the menu before isn’t now (like Caesar salads). Number two, food cravings or food aversions do their best to render me helpless (I neeeeed to have a chocolate milkshake).

I ate fairly well at the beginning of the business trip, but toward the end, I sort of gave up. My lowest point: grabbing chicken tenders at the airport before I boarded the last leg of the plane trip back home. Were they good? Eh. Did they give me serious heartburn? Oh yeah.

Hopefully being back home will get me back into the fruits and fresh veggies habit that I broke while on that business trip.

Except the chocolate milkshakes. I love those way too much. :\