The big things vs the little things

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I’m feeling the pressure.

My husband and I have very different approaches to preparing for Baby. His goals have centered around getting our finances and estate planning in order, resolving debt, increasing savings, determining who should take our kids if anything should happen to us, etc. I have almost exclusively been concentrating on how my day to day life is going to change and the emotional shifts come March/April, like breastfeeding, where the baby will sleep, what items we need, how to condition our kitty cat to the new baby, etc.

My husband has always said he didn’t want to talk about the Little Things until the third trimester. I couldn’t help but think about the Little Things throughout the pregnancy, and feeling lost because I didn’t know the answers and I didn’t really have anyone to help me sort through it. I’ve tried to do as much reading as possible, but what happens is I’m inundated with information, much of it conflicting or offering up ALL options rather than a few, and the result is I’m still as lost as I was before I started reading.

Well, after the long wait, the third trimester is here. My husband and I start talking nursery, diaper service, and freezing meals tonight during our weekly talk. Hooray! …except now I’m a little nervous. I hope he doesn’t expect me to have all the Little Things figured out, like he had many of the Big Things figured out.

I’ve narrowed things down a bit, I have some resources I like, but – for example – our first foray into paying attention to Little Things this past weekend (looking for and buying a rocking chair) was a miserable failure. I had a few gliders in mind that I wanted to check out, but the stores didn’t really stock them. They’re available online, which is fine, but I’ve got to at least try them out in person first! I don’t want to buy something that big blindly and have to think about how to return or exchange it. And there are certain features that I’m looking for per Consumer Reports recommendations that aren’t described online, so I’d have to actually check it out in person. So… for this one Little Thing of buying a rocking chair/ glider, it’s turned into this big production! How on earth are we supposed to figure out a crib, much less what bottle nipples to stock up on???



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People scared me by telling me once a baby takes one brand of nipple/pacifier that it wouldn’t take anything else, but Harper would take any brand! I had my favorite after a couple months though… momma lancosh bottles… I think I liked them because they’re round like a boob! 🙂 And the nipple has a vent to prevent excess gas. Once Harper started holding things, she could hold these before other bottles because they’re so wide she didn’t have to have a firm grip to keep them in her hands. Once baby comes the little things will all play out for you, and baby will basically pick everything out! I had a FIT to get a pack n play for Harper, and we RARELY use the thing. Luckily we took a trip this week and used it for the trip…the first time in a year of her life lol

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