Hello, third trimester!

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Today I enter my third trimester. I can’t believe it’s a short few months before I get to meet our little … kickboxer. I swear, the past few days, the baby has been on a rampage in there. My husband felt the baby kick and jab and roll around last night, and he was shocked. “What the heck is going on in there??” Exactly!

And I’m just on the cusp of the last stage of pregnancy here. What happens as things progress? Will the baby’s movements get even more pronounced, or will the baby be constricted with less room as it grows?

Other symptoms and changes are now noticeable. I am definitely feeling how unwieldy my body is compared to just a few weeks ago. I am trying to fight the waddle when I walk. My center of gravity is beginning to shift, or at least I’m beginning to notice it. I can’t sit on a seat or bench that is too low… because it’s so hard to get back up without a pole or handle to pull myself up (like on public transit) or someone’s help!

I noticed my heartburn is waning, and that’s a good thing, but my breasts and back are starting to be sore, which is not a good thing. It’s like the first trimester symptoms are rearing their ugly heads again! I didn’t know that would happen.

* * * * *

Another thing my husband and I have been talking about is some aspects of parenting. We discussed how much internet and gadget access our kids should have, whether there should be any restrictions, and at what age our kids should have their own cell phones.  We have also recently talked about our own childhoods, and specific situations that were good or bad, and how we might want to handle them differently. We have also discussed discipline and strategies for handling misbehavior or tantrums. No hard and fast decisions on any of these, but the initial talks have shown us we are generally landing in the same spot on these issues.

Who knows how everything will play out?


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You definitely won’t know how to discipline until you meet your little one! Who knows……maybe a perfect little angel who doesn’t need any scolding? 🙂 And YES the kicks will get way more pronounced this trimester! People told me they would slow down, but my girl turned into a hell raiser! I posted videos if you go back to october/november of last year on my blog. It was CRAZY! She kept it up until the very last day she was inside of me! Hope your 3rd is going well! I’ll be in my 3rd next week I think! is it 27 weeks?? I get confused about the cut off points on trimesters!

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