Dancing? Somersaults? Kung fu? What is Baby doing in there?

Posted on November 11, 2012. Filed under: Pregnancy | Tags: , , |

I’ve been feeling the baby move recently!  It’s not a kicking sensation like I would have expected, and what might actually happen more in the later months of the pregnancy, but it’s definitely distinct baby movement!

On some level, I feel a little silly. After all, women since the beginning of time have gone through this. But I can’t help being so excited and tickled to feel my little one moving inside me! It’s stunning every time it happens. It doesn’t cease to take me by surprise. I make a comment whenever I’m with my husband, and he immediately moves his hands to my belly, sometimes even puts his ear to my belly, haha! It’s too early for him to feel anything – the movement isn’t strong enough to be felt on the outside, but he really wants to be a part of this, and I can’t wait until he can feel it, too.

There’s also a little bit of the weirdness of this entire experience that I can’t shake – feeling like I’m in one of the Alien movies, or that whole Frankenstein thing – “It’s alive! It’s alive!!” Pregnancy is one of the most natural, awe-inspiring, and STRANGE things that someone can go through.

We just signed up for childbirth and baby care classes at the local hospital. It’s early yet, but the classes fill up so quickly that we needed to reserve a space. Now that’s a weird thing to put into your calendar! “Childbirth class, 9am-4pm,” and “baby care class, 10am-4pm.” Yikes!


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