My amniocentesis experience

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Injectie spuit & Injectienaald



An amnio has to be the strangest procedure I’ve ever gone through. Just the concept is enough to make me furrow my brow and crank my head to the side.

Um, you want to put a needle straight down through where, and get what?

I’ll be honest, I was nervous. I did see the needle and the collection vessel part of it… it seemed like they’d need to take a lot of amniotic fluid!

It felt as though they went right into my belly button! Of course they didn’t, a little below instead. Needle goes in, they suck fluid out, and I’m counting, counting, counting. Then it’s over.

I had minor discomfort/cramping the first day after, which I heard was normal. I also walked about 20 minutes on a slight incline uphill to a prenatal appointment the next day. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but I felt ok. I took it slow, perhaps to the exasperation of my husband who had to walk a snail’s pace next to me, but I felt ok. I napped later.

So now, we wait. Preliminary results are expected in about 7 days or so, I think, then more a more complete and formal report in 10-14 days. Cross fingers.


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