This is what supportive means

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Not every expectant lady is blessed with a supportive partner. I’m VERY lucky. My husband:

  • Does all the dishes, all the time. Without exception. Always! Wow.
  • Cleans the house and takes care of the gardening and grounds. He’s brought the front lawn and garden to life since we moved in!
  • Asks me how I am feeling EVERY DAY, sometimes multiple times a day. More than that, he listens to how I respond.
  • Makes ginger tea for me when I’m nauseous.
  • Offered to make kiwi runs to the grocery store to fulfill my greatest pregnancy craving.
  • Helps to put things into perspective for me when I get nervous about the pregnancy.
  • Makes me laugh. This is truly a blessing.
  • Comes with me to all appointments, and doesn’t sit there like a lump. He asks questions I might not think of so we both learn.
  • Holds my hand during ultrasounds.
  • Carries my bag for me, even if it looks girly.
  • Lets me nap in the evenings and on weekends without disturbing me one bit.
  • Makes guacamole for me upon request, because avocados are good for the baby, but mostly because I just want his guacamole.
  • Handles all the medical bills.
  • Holds us to our savings plan.
  • Organizes things. Lots and lots of things.
  • Has agreed to teach the kid math and geography well, two things for which I have woefully inadequate skills.
  • Hugs me, holds me, and rubs my back when I’m emotional and weepy.
  • Makes prenatal massage appointments for me.
  • Walks a little slower to match my pace these days.
  • Carries all the heavy groceries up the stairs.

There are TONS more, but I would be here all night, and I’m getting sleepy! If how he’s taken care of me is any indication of how he’d be a stay at home dad, our kid will be in the very best hands.



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