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My husband and I met with some friends this weekend for brunch, and we revealed the pregnancy. My girlfriend looked at me and thought I was more like 5 or 6 months along. Good lord. I told her I was 3.5 months along. She had just seen another friend of hers recently who was 5 months along and was as big as I am.

I’m trying not to freak out here. WHY AM I SO BIG? Is it a problem? Is there something wrong? Is it twins?

I won’t know if there are any problems until I have an amnio scheduled for next week, and the results come back about a week after that. I’m hoping everything is OK. But I do read about fibroids and Downs babies that can’t process enough amniotic fluid so that there’s a build-up, other things… makes me a little nervous.

I won’t know if it’s twins until the amnio, too, I suppose. The RN couldn’t find another one in there at my last visit when she did an ultrasound, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t two in there. Fraternal twins run pretty rampant on my mother’s side of the family, which is exactly relevant to me. (If it were on my Dad’s side, not so much.) I’m also over 35 which means I might have released more eggs per cycle.

Twins would be a blessing and all that jazz, but honestly, I’m terrified of that thought. A singleton pregnancy is already something to make me nervous, but a multiples pregnancy?  How many other things can go wrong with two? I’m almost guaranteed a C-section, which I absolutely don’t want. And bringing one newborn home is scary enough, but two?! Yikes! I saw a headline of an article that said, “How to get your twins to sleep at the same time.” Oh my god, I never thought about that! If they don’t sleep at the same time, I will never be able to sleep, ever!

Hence, the panic.

Last night, my husband said that in between our clinic visits, we should ONLY go by the information from our previous clinic visit, which in this case, was that everything looks good, baby is moving and healthy, we heard a heartbeat, and while I am big for this far along, it’s not a cause for concern yet.

Wonderful advice, of course, but sooooo much easier said than done!

My amnio is next Tuesday. My next clinic visit is a week and a half after that. Fingers crossed!


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