Baby budget: I don’t know what half these things are

I have a pregnancy app on my smartphone that noted I should start a baby budget to evaluate the impact of bringing a child into the household. I went to the website and saw a list of line items associated with a new baby.

The thing is, I don’t know what half this stuff is, or I don’t understand why I need these things. What’s a doorway jumper? And why do I need a baby towel with hood? Or a humidifier?

When I was a kid, or when I was a teen taking care of my baby cousins, we didn’t have these things. There were bottles, bibs, pacifiers, diapers, a crib, some toys. (As a baby, I personally was extremely enamored of my grandmother’s Tupperware for toys.)

We definitely have money set aside, but are these others things necessities, or nice-to-haves? So I Googled “doorway jumper” and came up with:

Um, are you kidding me? I don’t think I know anyone who has this. I must live in the middle ages. Hang your baby from the ceiling! OK.

Since my husband will be staying home with the little one, maybe he’ll put it on the registry if he thinks it would help. Me, I’m just confused.



One thought on “Baby budget: I don’t know what half these things are

  1. I bought one of these things…then returned it lol! After 4/5 months, a regular bouncer is a life saver sometimes! AND you can put your baby in it once baby can crawl and pull up so that baby can’t get into whatever task your trying to complete- we put ours in the bouncer when we eat! We didn’t get a humidifier or hooded towels and haven’t had a need to go buy them yet! I think humidifiers are just if baby get sick? There are just SO many things stores and lists tell you that you’ll need that are crazy.

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