Traveling while pregnant

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Airport Crowds

Airport Crowds (Photo credit: iansand)

Just got home from a quick two-day business trip to Salt Lake City. And let me tell you, traveling while pregnant is totally different than traveling when you’re not.

First, I just move slower these days.

Second, I need to ask for a pat down rather than going through those uncertain, somewhat new, scary X-ray machines. A pat down is not a small thing. It’s quite intimate. At least they asked me if I would prefer to do it in a private room. But it took longer. Once the TSA lady was done patting me down they had to test the gloves for… well, for things. So I waited.

Then when I got through security, grabbed all my stuff, and slowly made my way out to the gates, and then realized my gate is at the very last one at the end of the terminal, I got deflated.

The difference is when you’re running late for the flight, and you’re not pregnant, you get a little deflated. When you’re running late, and you’re pregnant, you get a lot deflated. You’re tired, winded, and thirsty, and you don’t have time to get some bottled water for the flight, which you know you should really get because you run the risk of being dehydrated on a 2 hour plane flight. And your bags seem heavier than they did an hour ago.


I think I should give myself more time to get settled at the airport. I typically get there 45 minutes before flight time to get through security (in the speedy frequent flyer line), get food or drink, and then get to the gate. Maybe I’ll add another 15 minutes to that, to give myself some cushion. But wow, is it ever a drag.


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2 Responses to “Traveling while pregnant”

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I can see myself having a meltdown if put in the airport while pregnant!!! You’re a stronger woman than I am haha!

Meltdown… yes just about!

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