Revealing adoption status

Link: Relative strangers: More people searching for long-lost family members – Inside Bay Area

This is a timely piece, after my last blog entry.

I’ve often thought about how I would tell any adopted child of mine about their adopted status, and whether I would offer it as part of their identity from the beginning or reveal it later when it felt right.  (But like a lot of things, a right time will likely never reveal itself.)

What if we get a child as an infant?  How do you explain things at 2 years old, 3 years old?  Do you not bother when they’re that young?  I just cringe at the thought of a “great revelation” when they’re at a young school age, or even in their teens – yikes!  Maybe there’s a way to do it over time, first instilling in the child the idea that families happen in lots of different ways, not just babies coming from mommies’ bellies.

I also hear there are children’s books about adoption, which should be helpful.

I think adoption is so beautiful and promising and uplifting.  It’s got its challenges, of course, but I like to think there are more happy endings than not.  And if those adopted people find their blood relatives, what a journey to be on!  I hope I would support my adopted child in that effort 100%.  I like to think I would.