Babies, the documentary

Posted on October 18, 2010. Filed under: Pregnancy |

I just watched Babies.  It’s a documentary of 4 babies on 4 continents, and their lives through about their first birthdays. You see them shortly after they’re born, you observe them deal with conflict, you watch them discover their voices, you witness their first steps.  All this is captured with four very significantly different backdrops: San Francisco, Tokyo, and remote areas of Nigeria and Mongolia.

There wasn’t a single word narrated through the whole thing. It was simply observational, but the babies’ personal discoveries spoke volumes.

The cultural contrasts were pretty stark – seeing how the Mongolian baby was wrapped up so tight in its first few months; contrasting the birthing environments and how sterile and impersonal the San Francisco hospital was, with the baby hooked up to monitors;  being curious about the Nigerian baby’s lack of toys of other material stimuli; seeing how the Japanese couple managed raising a baby in a very small living area… there are a hundred different examples.

It provided me with some insight into variability of the first year of life, too.  Maybe you read to your baby every night; maybe you don’t.  Maybe your baby is exposed to the wonders of nature early on; maybe not.  The movie’s message is that it doesn’t matter – under all conditions, babies thrive with love.  It was so touching!


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