Ovulation: I think I need a medical degree to figure this out.

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The approach my husband and I have been taking to this whole pregnancy thing is that we will just go with the flow and not employ any particular strategy.

This morning, out of curiosity, I started Googling fertility and conception.  And while I learned about a woman’s cycle in grade school, I never learned the natural strategies for conceiving (obviously).  So this is what I learned this morning:

  • Every woman is fertile only 2-3 days out of her cycle. (Surprise #1)
  • There’s a combination of body temperature and hormone levels that can be monitored to find your specific fertile time. I took a look at some fertility charts.  Looks like a lot of work to do the daily note-taking, but I suppose it isn’t took much to do if you want to be pregnant, and it hasn’t happened yet.
  • There are over the counter tests that will simply tell you when you’re most fertile. (Surprise #2)

So, I’m thinking of buying one of these OTC ovulation tests.  I’m curious how they work and if they would be aligned with what I know about my own body’s changes that indicate fertility.  If knowing this stuff helps us gets pregnant faster, I’m all for it.  There were stories online of people having sex like crazy, and getting frustrated at not getting pregnant, only to find out they were having sex at all the wrong times.

(There’s a “wrong” time?  Apparently.)


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3 Responses to “Ovulation: I think I need a medical degree to figure this out.”

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Hehe.. There’s never a “wrong” time to try. Just a “wrong” time to attempt getting pregnant.

I had issues conceiving and in the process of wondering why, learned way more than health class covered on conceiving (it would have proved so useful).

FYI, the charting is actually super easy. The main component is simply taking your basal body temp around same time (before you move or even use bathroom) in the AM. It takes 1 min. You can add your notes on other stuff, but really, it was fascinating to learn and helped me pin point that I had a problem that wouldn’t resolve itself on its own.

I actually just blogged about this process, and have a link to a very informative book (which actually uses charting to PREVENT conception so more detailed, but you do the opposite to conceive) and was better than anything a health book covered.


Also, OPK are rather costly and the issue with them is, by the time you have a positive one, it is typically too late to conceive. It will tell you IF you are ovulating.

I never used one and via charting was able to track my cycle very well.

Good luck and have fun “trying.” 🙂

This is great, thanks. So much of this learning process is from people who have the experience!

That’s I learned too! What’s sad, is people are scared to teach anything to “kids” that might even HINT that they will have sex someday, so you don’t learn this stuff in school. It shouldn’t have to wait until someone is trying or having issues conceiving.

Buy or check out that book. I don’t know if you’re one of those “regular like clockwork” cycle people or not, but it’s very informative and helpful, especially if that biological clock is already going haywire. 🙂

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