Patience: an unattainable virtue?

I didn’t get pregnant after Month 1.  No big deal, right?

I was talking to the hubby over dinner the other night, and suggested we start researching adoption, since there’s a lot to learn, and the process itself would probably take some time.  I didn’t mean to imply we act on anything, just that we start the due diligence, figuring out what’s it’s all about.

Hubby’s reaction was reasonable, I suppose.  He said we should give the pregnancy attempt some more time, at least until the end of the year, before tackling more research, more information, more procedural and emotional considerations and changes to process.  I kind of laugh to myself when I think about it.  Not pregnant?  OK, adoption!  Go!

Of course he’s right.  Give it more than a few weeks, eh?  It’s just that I’ve been waiting years to get to this point, of starting a family, and now that the time has come, I have zero patience.  Zip, zilch.

I suppose Nature will just teach me that hard lesson in patience, eh?  That, and a husband who can’t process more that one heavy, life-altering thing at a time.


Alcohol consumption before confirmed pregnant

Is there any safe alcohol consumption when trying to get pregnant?  In other words, is minor alcohol consumption an OK risk in the very earliest stages before you know you’re pregnant?

I’m not Ms. Alky Hall or anything, but it is a little tough to be on the honeymoon and not have a nice wine with dinner.  I have searched the internet and there are mixed reviews – some say once you decide to start trying for a baby, stay away from alcohol completely.  Other seemingly reputable websites say that in moderation, it’s not harmful in small doses, but to stop once you know you’re pregnant.  Still others say that you can time alcohol consumption based on your fertility period to avoid the risk.  Alcohol passes through the placenta, and before the baby is attached via placenta, there is probably low risk.  But doesn’t the placenta develop super early on?  Like 10-12 days?

Seems complicated.  I guess it will just have to be ginger ales and Shirley Temples for me until I figure this thing out.  It may take months and months to get pregnant – maybe I can’t get pregnant for some random reason, I don’t know, it’s still early in the game.

Ovulation: I think I need a medical degree to figure this out.

The approach my husband and I have been taking to this whole pregnancy thing is that we will just go with the flow and not employ any particular strategy.

This morning, out of curiosity, I started Googling fertility and conception.  And while I learned about a woman’s cycle in grade school, I never learned the natural strategies for conceiving (obviously).  So this is what I learned this morning:

  • Every woman is fertile only 2-3 days out of her cycle. (Surprise #1)
  • There’s a combination of body temperature and hormone levels that can be monitored to find your specific fertile time. I took a look at some fertility charts.  Looks like a lot of work to do the daily note-taking, but I suppose it isn’t took much to do if you want to be pregnant, and it hasn’t happened yet.
  • There are over the counter tests that will simply tell you when you’re most fertile. (Surprise #2)

So, I’m thinking of buying one of these OTC ovulation tests.  I’m curious how they work and if they would be aligned with what I know about my own body’s changes that indicate fertility.  If knowing this stuff helps us gets pregnant faster, I’m all for it.  There were stories online of people having sex like crazy, and getting frustrated at not getting pregnant, only to find out they were having sex at all the wrong times.

(There’s a “wrong” time?  Apparently.)